# Quick Check-up

# General Directory Checklist

  1. Latest installed version of SobiPro and XTDir version: ?
  2. If you are a subscriber, Download ID (opens new window) must be assigned: ?
  3. Re-index everything. Check XTDir's Control Panel, and click on Update Index button. Results, Ok?
  • TIP If you have several section, you can restrict the scope in Configuration / Core Index.
  1. Optional, installed XTDir's Apps, are you running the latest Apps?
  • Check SobiPro's Application Manager / Are XTDir's Apps in the same version than XTDir component?
  • If not, firstly (optional), visit XTDir Promoted Entries / Configuration, click on Update buttons
  • Secondly (optional), visit XTDir Configuration / Core Index for SobiPro, click on Update buttons
  • Thirdly (optional), visit XTDir Configuration / Smart Search for SobiPro, click on Update buttons

# Optional for XTDir Promoted Entries

# Optional for XTDir modules

Last Updated: 5/17/2024, 10:06:00 AM