# Categories of SobiPro Module

# Quick Start Guides

XTDir includes several modules to display SobiPro information. Make sure you visit your Module Manager page and have a look at them. Reference: Extensions Module Manager Menu (opens new window)

Tutorial: XTDir for SobiPro / Categories of SobiPro Module (opens new window)

  • Demo site: https://demo.extly.com/modules-for-sobipro/categories-of-sobipro.html

XTDir Categories of SobiPro Module

XTDir Categories of SobiPro Module

# Module Customization

If you need to customize the module, we have identified each row. In this way, it can be freely customized with CSS Styling. To show an example, this is the current demo customization.


These steps require basic knowledge about CSS Styling, to edit your template CSS files. If you have any question, please visit MDN's CSS reference (opens new window) site.

To define the list style type:

To define the margin on second level:

To remove links underline:

# Configuration

These are the module parameters:

# Basic Parameters

XTDir Categories of SobiPro Module - Basic

# Advanced Parameters

XTDir Categories of SobiPro Module - Advanced

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