# Smart Reach for SobiPro

# Quick Start Guides

XTDir comes with a variety of plugins to manage SobiPro information. Make sure you visit your Plugin Manager page and have a look at them. Reference: Extensions Plugin Manager Menu (opens new window)

Tutorial: XTDir for SobiPro / Smart Search for SobiPro plugin (opens new window)

  • Demo site: https://demo.extly.com/search-for-sobipro-methods/smart-search.html

# How it works

A a brief description about how it works:

  • SobiPro is a powerful directory extension. It is designed to easily create multiple directories. SobiPro allows to create a functional directory that lets website visitors submit entries from front-end site. Entry submissions can be free, or paid per field. Entries can be listed in multiple categories, and all views of SobiPro con be customized through the powerful SobiPro Template system.
  • XTDir Smart Reach for SobiPro works via a Finder plugin and SobiPro notifications based on a XTDir App for Finder.
  • XTDir Finder plugin allows to index SobiPro entries
  • SobiPro notifications to finder, via XTDir App, incrementally update the Finder index: on New entry, Entry update, Entry approved, Entry unapproved, Entry published, Entry unpublished, and Entry deleted.
Last Updated: 6/10/2024, 2:49:04 PM