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Tags showing on Facebook Post

8 months 2 weeks ago #10855 by Artur
Replied by Artur on topic Tags showing on Facebook Post
Alright, i will look this up.

BTW, i saw that you have a text replacement feature in rules. I tried to activate this and replace core text, not the tags, and its not working.
Can you help me out, please?
I want to replace all phrases in the content for a different ones.
As the source I have Content
The Channel is blank
Type is catch all

in the text replacement I have only the desired phrase
I receive a notification when my post has the desired phrase, but in fb i can still see it unreplaced, original..
Thanks in advance

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8 months 2 weeks ago #10856 by Support Team

The rule text replacement only works on the post message at a specific point of the processing.

The AutoTweet-Seblod plugin prevents the insertion of the tags with several operations at the beginning of the processing. So, it is better caching all cases, and we have updated the plugin several times to solve different cases.

To be brief, a rule can't reproduce the same operation supported in the plugin to clean the Seblod content.

Best Regards,

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