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Joomla article 2 Facebook post layout

6 months 2 days ago #10945 by johan peters
if possible how can i configure the facebook post layout of a joomla article.

i understand that there is a karakter limit of 420 (will this be more in the future?).

What i whant to know how and what the layouts are of the post on facebook


1. Titel
2. introtext
3. image (max image size)
4. short url

1 Titel
2. image (max. image size)
3. short URL

1. Titel
2. image + text (smaller image)
3. short URL

etc. etc.etc.

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6 months 2 hours ago #10946 by Support Team

Facebook API does not support any layout control. You can only control the message of the post. The rest of the information is loaded from the shared link. So, the Open Graph Tags of your pages play a role in the post composition.

Ref: www.extly.com/docs/autotweetng_joocial/i...pengraph-tags-plugin

Best Regards

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