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LinkedIn 409 error

3 weeks 1 day ago #11063 by Stylianos
LinkedIn 409 error was created by Stylianos

Friday the LinkedIn authentication expired, so today I re-authenticated the plug-in.
However, when posting to LI, it responds with an 409 error:

Error Message
com.linkedin.restli.client.RestLiResponseException: Response status 409, serviceErrorMessage: com.linkedin.publishing.util.common.ResponseException: Content is a duplicate of urn:li:share:6541245998692356097 - 409

The FaceBook channel works fine.

Any Ideas / Solutions??


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3 weeks 15 hours ago #11064 by Support Team
Replied by Support Team on topic LinkedIn 409 error

According to the error, LinkedIn has detected the content as duplicated and it doesn't accept it. The recommendation is avoiding publishing duplicated content.

If you are sure that the post was only posted once, then a connection problem could be the cause. By default, if there's a connection problem, AutoTweet and Joocial retry the publishing. So, if the original post was accepted (but the connection returns an error), then the post is reposted. If the posts are being posted, you can disable the retries (Options / Advanced / Automatic resend attempts)

Tech Team

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