XT Menu - Nav Tabs with dropdowns for Bootstrap 2 and 3

Nav Tabs with dropdowns for Bootstrap 2 and 3. The ultimate module to render a responsive Bootstrap Dropdown menu for Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3. Install it everywhere and enable only what you need.

Beyond template random menus, a single module to empower your sites.

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In a nutshell

XT Menu - Nav Tabs with dropdowns generates the required Bootstrap structures to generate Nav Tabs with dropdowns. Additionally, it has support for up to 9 nested levels.

This module displays a menu on the frontend, based on Bootstrap, Subnav, Nav Nav-pills, with Dropdown Menu for Boostrap 2.3.2 and 3. A multi-level dropdown menu on Bootstrap 2 and 3

NOTE: Bootstrap Tabs and dropdowns must be supported by your template.


JB DropDown Menu Free
For community sites
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Dropdown menu
Bootstrap 2
Community Forum
XT Menu
For commercial usage
$ 19
Dropdown menu
Bootstrap 2 and 3
Sub-menu Items
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Examples & Demos

We have published a menu module example in our XTDir demo site, please visit it here.

Compatible with Joomla 3 and Bootstrap 2.3.2

For more information, Dropdown menus

Compatible with Joomla 3 and Bootstrap 3  

For more information, Dropdowns

Module configuration

xt menu nav tabs with dropdowns for bootstrap 2 and 3 configuration


These are the module parameters:

  • Select Menu
  • Base Item
  • Start Level
  • End Level
  • Show Sub-menu Items
  • Alternative Layout
  • Load Submenu Style
  • Load Submenu Script