XT ReadmoreXT Readmore implements a smooth and responsive technique for collapsing and expanding long blocks of text with 'Read more' and 'Close' links

XT Readmore works collapsing and expanding long blocks of text. In this way, the page only loads the defined intro text, with no need of the addition of any other setting in your articles.

The plugin is powered by jedfoster/Readmore.js.

For more information, please, visit jedfoster/Readmore.js

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XT Readmore - 1 year
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Requirements - GNU GPL v3.0 License - Pre-Sales FAQ - Installation Services
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  • Improves page load time.
  • Prevents large block of text showed when page loads
  • Light and Responsive.

Examples & Demo

Example 1: XT Readmore enabled, desktop.

XT Readmore Desktop 1
XT Readmore Desktop 2

Example 2: XT Readmore enabled, mobile.

XT Readmore Mobile 1
XT Readmore Mobile 2

XT Readmore Configuration

Tips to configure the plugin: Define the included URLs. For example: /blog. One URL per line. Adjust the Collapsed Height to your site.


  • Selectors: JQuery Selectors to choose elements to be analyzed.
  • Collapsed Height: If the Height of the element is bigger, then it will be shown collapsed
Readmore 1
Readmore 2
  • Minimized: Minimized JavaScript
  • Active in the backend: Activate to use Font Awesome in the backend
  • Include these URLs: Include the script only in these URLs