watermarks-for-jomsocialA solution to protect photos and avatars in JomSocial!

" Watermarks for JomSocial  provides a convenient way to implement watermarking in the social network"

Updated to support the latest JomSocial version: Avatar and Cover change for User Profiles, Groups and Events

In a nutshell

Watermarks for JomSocial allows to add a watermark to profile avatars or photos, at the same time they are uploaded.

  • Watermark on Photo Create
  • Watermark on Profile Avatar Update
  • Watermark on Photos Upload
  • Watermark on Avatar and Cover change for User Profiles
  • Watermark on Avatar and Cover change for Groups
  • Watermark on Avatar and Cover change for Events


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Watermarks for JomSocial - 6-month Subscription
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Requirements - GNU GPL v3.0 License - Pre-Sales FAQ - Installation Services
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Examples & Demos

Please, check it here in the demo site, where you can find the XTDir SobiPro business directory.

JomSocial: Watermarks on User Profiles


JomSocial: Watermarks in the Wall


Sample Profile


Plugin configuration



These are the module parameters:

  • On Photo Create
  • On Profile Avatar Update
  • Watermark for Photos
  • Watermark for Photo Thumbnails
  • Watermark for Avatars
  • Aligments: top, middle, bottom, left, right, and center - NEW!
  • X,Y watermark position
  • Alpha channel support
  • Advanced: Watermarked photo from original

The Alpha channel supportis a specfic feature to allow blending between the water mark and the image. Eg watermark with a PNG Alpha 50%. In this way, the watermark appears almost transparent, overimposed on the photo.

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