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Smart Reach for SobiPro - Documentation

Installation & Upgrading

  1. Unzip download file. It will contain the required plugin and add-on.
  2. Install “” file in the Joomla! extension installer then enable “Smart Search - Reach for SobiPro“ in the Joomla! plugin manager.
  3. Open the plugin settings and define the Sobipro section you want to include in the indexing.
  4. You can include multiple sections separated by a comma in the plugin setting: “Section SIDs” if you want to search more than one section, but you MUST enter at least one section ID here..
  5. By default, the plugin includes all Sobipro fields, but you can optionally restrict indexing to only certain fields by entering the field ID’s separated by a comma in the plugin setting: “Search Field List IDs (optional)”
  6. Install “” in the Sobipro application Manager.
  7. Go to the individual section application control panel and enable the “Notifications for Finder” application in each section you want to be able to search.
  8. In the Joomla! Smart Search component, run a full index on your site.
  9. You may have better results by purging existing index before doing this.
  10. You can optionally schedule a full re-index using a cron job:  "php -d memory_limit=256M cli/update_cron.php"
  11. Check a query in the frontend with the Smart Search component or module (It's a different one than the traditional Search module).
  12. If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

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