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Main Extensions

AutoTweetNG solves the integration of social networks with an extensive feature set to empower the ecosystem of Joomla! extensions.
Joocial is the next stage of AutoTweet evolution, beyond simply auto-publishing content.
XT Search for Algolia integrates your Joomla site and Algolia. Instant Search and Autocompletion for Your Site.
XT Search for Algolia integrates your PrestaShop site and Algolia. Instant Search and Autocompletion for Your Site.

+ Extensions

A Unique Solution to empower SobiPro. XTDir is an extension to manage and extend SobiPro as never before! Manage, featured, and promote entries. Search modules, and more!
XT Adaptive Images for Joomla! is the best extension to generate responsive images.
XT YouTube Video Optimizer detects all Youtube players in a page and replaces them with the default video image, that can be clicked to play the original video player.
XT Link Item for K2 allows defining relations between the specific K2 item(s).
An essential solution to improve the SEO navigation of a Joomla site.

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