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Our extensions

Social Management

Publish your content easily and engage your audience. Focus on content creation and reaching most audiences while Perfect Publisher works for you according to a defined social media strategy.

Search - Catalogs

XT Search for Algolia integrates your site and Algolia, the smartest way to improve the search on your site. Including Autocomplete and Instant Search, along with full control over the look, feel and relevance.

Responsive Design

XT Adaptive Images works on your website generating images of different sizes to match the detected screen resolution. Created with a mobile-first philosophy and the latest HTML's new features.


XT YouTube Optimizer provides an easy solution to improve the web page speed, preventing the loading of embedded YouTube video players when the page loads.


A Unique Solution to empower SobiPro. Manage and extend SobiPro as never before!


An essential solution to improve the SEO navigation of a Joomla site.


This extension offers full control over what items and the order of the related items selected for each K2 item.


Receive simple and effective email notifications when new content or updates are available in your K2 installation.


Keep your users informed about your cookies with a light and manageable module.