XT Content Notify for K2

Get notified of all content changes

Receive simple and effective email notifications when new content or updates are available in your K2 installation.

Content Notify for K2


Customize what is notified

Receive email alerts when content is submitted or updated, either in general or in specific categories. Includes comment notification (when using K2 comment system).

What is notified

Define who is notified

Define which editors will receive notifications, general or specific by category, using single or multiple email addresses. Also, include the Approve Link to review the article.

Who is notified


XT Content Notify for K2
$ 19 / 6-month
XT Content Notify for K2
$ 34 / 1 year

Requirements - GNU GPL v3.0 License - Pre-Sales FAQ - Installation Services

If you are renewing, please log in to your account before the purchase and remember to apply the loyalty coupon (20% Off).