# Pre-sales Questions (FAQ)

# How to apply a Coupon code during the Payment?

If you have a Coupon Code, please enter the code in the Coupon Code box.

Coupon Code

# How to select the payment method?

By default, Credit Card is the selected payment method. If you want to change it, please go to Other Methods:

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

# How to remove VAT (TVA) during the Payment?

You have to provide your VAT ID during the purchase. Before completing the order you will have an opportunity to enter a business VAT ID:



# I would like not to pay the VAT because I'm an EU professional

When entering your order, once the company name field is populated, you would be given an opportunity to enter your VAT ID for verification on the final order page. Once this is done, VAT would be exempted from your order.

Ref: FastSpring & VAT Tax Collection (opens new window)

# What happens to the extension after my membership ends?

All paid memberships include download of new versions, upgrades and support for a certain period of time (support.extly.com (opens new window)).

  • Usage license will never expire. You can use the software FOREVER.
  • On unlimited sites or domains.
  • You can use the software on ALL YOUR sites under the terms of GPLv3.
  • No part of our source code is encoded.
  • During the subscription period, you can download new versions, with new features, bug fixes, enhancements, or request assistance in our ticketing system (opens new window). Once the subscription is over, you can renew it, or create a new topic in the community forum (opens new window).

# What is the support service scope?

Support is provided only to subscribers. If you already have an active subscription which gives you access to the Ticket System (opens new window) you can request support for it through our site. Support service includes:

  • Major and minor versions of the specific extension, according to the purchased membership. Particularly, Extly Club (opens new window) membership includes all extensions.
  • 1 year or 6 months of support service, according to the purchased membership.
  • A new extension version includes:
    • New features,
    • Bug fixes,
    • Enhancements
    • Library updates
  • Support Availability
    • Working days: Monday - Friday / 9am - 5pm (CEST).
    • First Response: We answer all tickets in the same day.
    • Reply time: Depending on the complexity of your support issue it is usually between a few minutes and 24 hours. When we expect longer delays we will notify you when you file a ticket or reply.
    • Support Access: If you cannot access with your email and password, or you have not received any response withing 72 hours, please use the Contact Us (opens new window) page to let us know of the issue.


Support cannot be provided over Twitter, Facebook, email, Skype, telephone, the official Joomla! forum, our Contact Us page or any other method except the Support Ticket System (opens new window). Support is not provided to non-subscribers; if you are using a Free extension you can request community support from other users in our community forum (opens new window), the official Joomla! forum or any other Joomla!-related forum in your country/region. We have to impose those restrictions in support to ensure a high level of service and quality. Thank you for your understanding.

# Regarding payment: does a 6-month subscription renew automatically and money will be taken from account?

Subscriptions do not renew automatically. At the end of each period, you have the option to purchase to renew for a new period.

# Do you send me an invoice after purchase?

Yes. We sell our products through FastSpring E-Commerce Platform. For more information: Frequently Asked Questions About FastSpring (opens new window)

# What is your Joomla! 2.5 support policy?

The Joomla! project has already announced the Joomla! 2.5 release branch is becoming end-of-life with the final release of Joomla! 2.5.28 on December 10th, 2014 (opens new window). After that date Joomla! 2.5 will no longer receive any updates. No bugs or security issues will be fixed. Joomla! 2.5 will be unfit for use on live sites.

  • Per our policy regarding End-Of-Life Joomla! release branches, the current version branches of our software (AutoTweetNG 7, Joocial 7, XTDir 5, etc) will continue to support Joomla! 2.5.
  • The next version branch of our software AutoTweetNG 8, Joocial 8, XTDir 6, etc will only support the latest version of Joomla! 3.
  • Finally, we have a support cut-off provision: no support for Joomla! 2.5 after July 1st, 2015.

** How to upgrade to Joomla! 3 **

# We are an Non-Profit-Organization, do you have a special discount?

We support the community with our free extensions.

Due to the fact that we cannot verify if you really belong to legally registered Non-Profit-Organization, we cannot award special discounts.

We have been already contacted by several users claiming to belong to a Non-Profit-Organization, that in a second stage purchased extensions for commercial usage.

Finally, our software is provided with full source code and we need to protect ourselves from fraudulent users who look for the extension with the sole intent of distributing unauthorized copies.

# We are an Non-Profit-Organization and we can't buy the extension without test, send us the source code

Our customers purchase subscriptions to have access to the extension. If we begin to distribute the extension for free, then it is not fair to our customers and it ends our business life cycle.

Our software is provided with full source code and we need to protect ourselves from fraudulent users who look for the extension with the sole intent of distributing unauthorized copies.

Finally, we cannot verify if you really work for a registered Non-Profit-Organization.

Your subscription supports our work, ensuring that we can continue developing products and offering support services.

# Post-Sales Questions

# Can you send me an invoice please?

You can directly access your invoices from the Account Area (opens new window).

Please, browse the My Subscriptions list, access the Details of each subscription to download the Invoice.

# Refund Questions

# I purchased an extension and have discovered it doesn't do what I need it to. Is it possible to get a refund?

We offer many ways to evaluate our software, including free access to our documentation and extension specifications, the ability to ask pre-sales questions through our Contact Us (opens new window) or Community Forum (opens new window) pages, demo sites and free versions of some of our popular components.


Under no circumstances, we issue refunds when the extension does not have the feature you are looking for and does not do what you want.

Moreover, our software is provided with full source code. We need to protect ourselves from fraudulent users who subscribe only long enough to download our software with the sole intent of distributing unauthorized copies.


According to our refund policy (opens new window), we do not issue refunds for "download-only" purchases.

We only issue full refunds under the acceptable grounds (opens new window). When we fail to provide you have a technical issue unrelated to hosting setup and we fail to provide you with a viable alternative or a development release with a fix for this issue within 8 workdays. We are talking about severe bugs with our software which we fail to fix in due time.


If you have any pre-sales question, our customer support team is available to answer your questions. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact Support Team (opens new window), Contact Us (opens new window) or Community Forum (opens new window)

In any case, please, check the acceptable grounds for issuing a refund here: https://www.extly.com/refund-policy.html (opens new window)