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SobiPro Search Plugin+ (Plus) - Documentation

Installation & Upgrading

About about: XTDir - SobiPro Search Plugin

Tutorial: XTDir - How to extend your directory

About about: SobiPro Search Plugin+ (Plus) - Legacy

  1. Unzip package. It will contain the required plugins.
  2. Install the "System Indexer Plugin" ( in the Joomla extension installer.
  3. Configure and enable the "System Indexer Plugin" (most commonsolution), or the "Cronjob indexer task" (high performance).
  4. Install the "Search Plugin" ( in the Joomlaextension installer.
  5. Configure and enable the "Search Plugin" in the plugin manager.
  6. QUICK START: select one section and the field name of this section; search for a specific entry.
  7. PERFORMANCE TIP: restrict the search fields as much as possible.
  8. ADVANCED: If you want to inspect inner workings, you can enable the *debug mode*, and check the queries, etc.

Optional - "Cronjob indexer task": The indexer must be executed from the cronjob with this command:

php -f plugins/system/prsobiproplusindex/prsobiproplus_cronjob.php

"System Indexer Plugin" must be in cronjob mode to avoid any web process task.

About Joomla! 1.5, versions until 3.1 are compatible. They don't have support or fixes.

If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact us. Technical Support:

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