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This article provides recommended upgrade resources related to AutoTweet and Facebook support.

Facebook has changed the authentication process for Apps. Offline_access is deprecated and now Apps must use "long-lived access tokens" instead).

Facebook - Removal of offline_access permission: The offline_access permission is deprecated and will be removed October 3rd, 2012.

Before October 3rd, 2012, you have to upgrade AutoTweet; please, update as soon as possible to avoid any service disruption.

AutoTweet NG authorization process is already migrated and takes the new long-lived access tokens since release AutoTweet NG Pro 5.10 for new channels/accounts. Also, AutoTweet NG PRO 4.12 - Joomla 1.5 and AutoTweet Free has upgrades to support the new "long-lived access tokens".

 More information about the required steps: Documentation / Add Facebook, FacebookLink or FacebookEvent channel

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