heroku - AutoTweet from HerokuWe've published the last tutorial in the series. In this opportunity, we show how to fully customize AutoTweetNG to work with your own Facebook App, but hosting it in the Heroku cloud application platform.

Heroku for Facebook Developers: It's the recommended Facebook platform to host Apps. In the App creation work-flow, it's just an option that allows a very simple account creation. So, you upload AutoTweetNG Facebook Connector, and it's ready to authorize your Channel to publish the content.

PRO: Facebook requires a SSL connection (secure) for their Apps. Heroku provides a general SSL hosting. With Heroku, there's no need to purchase and install a SSL certificate in your site.

CON: Heroku is a cloud application platform. It has particular rules. For example, to upload the files, you have to configure a GIT connection to your App. More info about GIT, here and here.

How to AutoTweet from Facebook-Heroku



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