how-to-autotweet-in-5-minutes-from-joomlaWe've created a tutorials to show how to Social Auto publish from Joomla.

AutoTweetNG posts your content to social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In particular, Facebook requires to create your own Facebook App.

Now we are releasing the presentations in PDF format:

How to AutoTweet from Joomla in 5 minutes

PDF AutoTweetNG-01-how-to-autotweet-in-5-minutes-from-joomla.pdf

How to AutoTweet from Your Own Facebook App

PDF AutoTweetNG-02-how-to-autotweet-from-your-own-facebook-app.pdf

How to AutoTweet from your own Facebook-Heroku App

PDF AutoTweetNG-03-how-to-autotweet-from-your-own-facebook-heroku-app.pdf