listbingo logo-360Today, we are releasing AutoTweetNG v6.4.5. This version is a regular update with a set of improvements and a new plugin.

This time we are adding support for ListBingo. Listbingo is an essential tool to build your own classified site in Joomla. When a user submits a new Ad, AutoTweet posts the ad to the social channels. Welcome to the family!

Improvements in AutoTweetNG v6.4.5

  • ListBingo plugin
  • Zoo plugin now supports ImagePro / Multiple Images
  • Content Plugin now supports article Intro and Full images
  • New System Check for server versions compliance
  • K2 plugin, tags as hashtags
  • Updated plugins: Iproperty, JomWall, K2, HWDMediaShare, Mosets Tree, SobiPro, VirtueMart, and Zoo
  • Javascript / RequireJS optimization
  • Logging optimization
  • Image min-max parameter in configuration
  • Ruletype filter and contextual help
  • New Btn-Group for Joomla 3 visual style
  • German translations, in the way to be deprecated

About German translations, in the team currently there's no german speaker. Our efforts to keep the translations up to date have been odd in the results. So, we have to remove the German translations, and focus our ongoing efforts improving the English and Spanish product and site documentation.

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