Now, included in AutoTweetNG PRO, we have two more plugins to celebrate!

  • cobaltcckCobalt Joomla CCK plugin: Cobalt 8 opens incredible possibilities for constructing your website, and allows you to build almost anything, among others: File Downloads, Galleries, Blogs, Forums, Support Desks or Private Ticket Systems, Real Estate, Auto Markets, Job Boards, E-Commerce Product Catalogs, and other kinds of listings, reviews, discussions, bulletins, etc. Now all of them are integrated with AutoTweetNG!
  • joom galleryJoomGallery plugin: JoomGallery is a gallery component completely integrated into Joomla! Now, when a new image is created/uploaded, it's posted to your social channels.

To access the new plugins, just download the very same AutoTweetNG v6.6.1 from your account.

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