Latest news about the Instagram Content Publishing

On January 26, 2021, Instagram has finally published an API to start receiving posts. Until now, Instagram accepted posts from its apps or other apps, sharing posts to Instagram. With this move, Instagram is taking steps to become a bigger content platform, open for general business, with an eye on e-commerce and product marketing.

Is it open to everyone? The new API was released a few days ago, so we are still evaluating how to implement it and the procedure to apply it to our sites and extensions. However, it looks like it is a real game-changer and steps to implement the API are inline with Facebook - Instagram App Review guidelines that we have already implemented before.

We'll send more news as soon as we have it ready for you. Stay tuned, more news coming soon! To know more about the announcement: Introducing Instagram Content Publishing API.

XT Search for Algolia and our Installation Services

The search is an instrumental part of the success of your site. To empower a web strategy, we have created XT Search for Algolia. Our solution is leveraging the power of Algolia on Joomla and PrestaShop for content management and E-commerce.

This month, we introduce our Installation Services. Save your time and focus on your business Besides the general configuration, we revamp the search experience on your website with Algolia.

New Releases

This month we have a good set of refreshing new versions.

  • XT Adaptive Images 6.4.0 - Experimental support of WebP
  • Joocial and AutoTweet 8.37.0 - Support of sh404sef shortener
  • XT Search for Algolia 4.6.0 - Joomla - Support of Zoo Articles
  • XT Search for Algolia 4.6.0 - PrestaShop - Widget and Positions Management
  • XT GDPR Cookie Consent Banner 1.1.0 - Support of fallback scripts
  • XTDir for SobiPro 6.13.0 - Installation support for Joomla 3.10

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