On the heels of the Instagram API availability announcement, we have decided to release the new social channel as part of Perfect Publisher 9.

Perfect Publisher 9 is the new major version of AutoTweetNG and Joocial. The most advanced iteration of our social solutions is built on top and a direct replacement of the previous versions.

DO NOT PANIC. There is no need to update right now. The transition plan supports Joocial 8 and AutoTweetNG 8 until Joomla 4 is finally released.

To ease the update, if you have an active membership of AutoTweetNG PRO or Joocial, you have in the download area Perfect Publisher Basic or Perfect Publisher PRO to upgrade at any time you want.

The Perfect Publisher Roadmap: With this new launch, we have raised the PHP requirements to PHP 7.4 or superior, and we are refreshing the internal architecture. The aim is to prepare the solution to be in line with the upcoming release of Joomla 4 and modern PHP. Additionally, we are refactoring the codebase and removing features that are no longer used. Finally, all of these new developments are only possible based on a new service that we integrate, PHP-Prefixer. More news coming soon.

This is a unique opportunity to catch on: 30% OFF on Perfect Publisher and Extly Club! Coupon PP9 - Valid until June 10th, 2021


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