# How to Autopost from Joomla! to Google My Business

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can autopost from Joomla! to Google My Business.


To enable Google My Business API, please request access(opens new window) first, and then to create a Google application, please visit Google APIs Console(opens new window) .


Google verification is required to continue. The use of My Business API must be whitelisted and granted. Do NOT continue with tutorial unless Google has already verified the business.


  • Joocial 8.32 or superior
  • A Google My Business account
  • System requirements: Joomla 3.9 or superior, PHP 7 or superior, MySQL 5.7 or superior (recommended)

Once you have checked the prerequisites, proceed with step 1.

# STEP 1: Download and install Joocial

Download the extension from Extly's Download Area(opens new window) , unzip and install Joocial in Joomla! backend with the standard procedure.

About Joocial updates: Install the update with the same procedure.

Once you have proceeded with the installation:

  • Joocial component has been installed
  • System plugin-AutotweetAutomator has been installed and enabled, to process new content and posts every 3 minutes
  • System plugin - AutotweetContent has been installed and enabled to publish Joomla! content.


Remember to assign your Download ID to enable all features.

# STEP 2: Create a Google application

# STEP 2.1: Enable APIs And Services

Login at Google APIs Console(opens new window) . Select the Project, and go to + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES. Search for Google My Business and enable the API.

Enable Google My Business API

# STEP 2.2: Create the Credentials

On the Google My Business API is enabled, to create the Credentials:

# Create an API Key



  • Restrict the API Key to your site and Google My Business API

Restrict the API Key to your site and Google My Business API

Restrict the API Key to your site and Google My Business API

# Create an OAuth 2.0 Client IDs

  • Create +CREATE CREDENTIALS / OAuth client ID


Take note of your credentials:

  • API Key
  • Client ID
  • Client secret

# STEP 3: Create and authorize a social channel

Go to Joocial Control panel, select Channels tab to create a new Google My Business channel. On Channel Tab, click on New, select the Channel Type.


Complete the credentials. Save. Click on "Step 1: Authorize"

Accept the permissions dialog, and you will be redirected back to the site.


Click on "Validate". The Access Token and User ID will be filled and save.

Joocial is ready to publish!

A new authorization Access Token has been granted.

A new Google My Business Channel has been created.

By default, all new articles are going to be published on Google My Business.

# STEP 4: Create a test article

  1. Create an article
  2. Check the Request list
  3. Wait 3 minutes, visit the front page
  4. Check the Posts list
  5. Check Google My Business.