# Quick Check-up - Social Checklist

To quickly review the state of the extension social integration. Please, check the following items:

  1. Latest installed version of Perfect Publisher
  2. If you are a subscriber, the Download ID must be assigned
  3. Review component menu: System Check? Any red item?
  4. Core Plugins configuration
  5. Optional Plugins configuration
  6. Channels validation
    • Twitter status
    • Facebook status
    • LinkedIn status
    • Other channels statuses
  7. Rules configuration
  8. Requests - processed requests results
  9. Posts - processed posts results; check one example for each channel
  10. Feeds - configured feeds for Joomla! or K2 content
  11. Execution Mode: Cron Job or Page Load mode

# System Check

You can access this section by clicking on System Check in the main menu of Perfect Publisher. You can find all the information about the Component, the Optional Plugins, and the system.

Perfect Publisher - System Check

Last Updated: 5/17/2024, 10:06:00 AM