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A simple solution to building your mobile app

  • Based on your website, leveraging your current investing
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Mobile and Web features
  • Push Notifications
  • Manage all your channels in a single system

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What is a SlimApp?
A SlimApp is an app to visualize the content directly from the website. A site empowered by a CMS can deliver the content in many different ways to support desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. The SlimApp starts the navigation on a landing page, designed and optimized to feature the content on a mobile device. The whole experience is managed by the app web view and the CMS.
Who is it for?
You have a website built on a Content Management System. Now, you want to go a step further, create more engagement and reach your customers in all kind of devices. If you think that a mobile app is the next step to add value to your website, SlimApp is for you.
Web technology is evolving to support web apps fully. It is the most popular option to develop content-oriented systems. Beyond responsive web design, mobile apps are here, and content management has evolved to support them. A CMS is the simplest way to deliver content to all platforms. Your app, with your brand, published in the stores, in a straightforward and affordable way.
A SlimApp is powered by the native mobile browser (Cordova's InAppBrowser) and integrates native components. Beyond the basic app, more mobile features can be added to add value and improve the user experience: Push Notifications, Camera, Dialogues, File Management, Geo Location, Media... and more! As any PhoneGap App, a SlimApp has a robust ecosystem of plugins available to extend the application.


By utilizing our services, you will be able to focus on your core business and be more successful without a technical headache and the stress of developing your apps from scratch. We provide full access to the open source code and the online tools that we use. So, you have the freedom to continue the project with an in-house team, or we can continue assisting your team.

  • Essential Pack
    One-off Project
  • Essential Pack for a Site with Notifications and App Store submission
  • 1 SlimApp
  • Logo and Splash generation
  • Certificate management
  • Notifications Configuration
    + Joocial 1-year subscription
  • Unlimited Ticket Support
  • Agency Pack
    Monthly Subscription
  • Full and unlimited service for a Consulting Agengy
  • Unlimited SlimApps
  • Logo and Splash generation
  • Certificate management
  • Notifications Configuration
    + Joocial 1-year Subscription
  • Unlimited Ticket Support


You will also need your iOS and Android developer licenses, and a push notifications provider.


Si San Juan

News of the Government of San Juan

  • San Juan (Argentina) Government Information Service.
  • By Imagen y Sistemas- Web Sites Design and Development. Powered by Joomla and K2.
sisanjuan 2017
appstore googleplay

Festival de Callejas de Cordoba

Festival de Callejas de Cordoba

Festival Callejas Cordoba
appstore googleplay



  • Academic resources and tools for graduates
  • By DoctoralNet Ltd. Powered by Joomla.
Festival Callejas Cordoba
appstore googleplay

Rede Social e notícias voltadas ao turismo.

  • Turismo, Entretenimento, Lazer & Negócios. (Brasil).
  • By Web Services - Powered by Joomla and EasySocial.
Ondeir 2017
appstore googleplay

Alerta Mascotas

Alerta Mascotas is a free digital platform that aims to facilitate the reunion between lost pets and their owners.

  • By Hiperforma- Digital Agency. Powered by Joomla and DJ-Classifieds.
AlertaMascotas 2017

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