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Enhance your social media management!

AutoTweetNG provides the most powerful Social Auto Publishing solution.

Joocial is a full social media tool for Joomla! From back-end to front-end.

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A Unique Solution to empower SobiPro

XTDir for SobiPro Manage and extend SobiPro as never before!

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Build an EasySocial Business Pages Directory

XTDir for EasySocial is a new solution to manage and extend EasySocial and Sigsiu's SobiPro

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Build a JomSocial Business Pages Directory

XTDir for JomSocial, create a full Social Network, community + business directory!

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Social Auto publish and Content Management

AutoTweetNG Free
The free version supports most auto-posting features, but restricted for personal usage.
AutoTweetNG PRO
AutoTweet posts from Joomla to social channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
Designed for entreprise usage: social networks, community, front-end and back-end auto-posting, management, teams and virtual manager support.

Extensions for SobiPro, EasySocial, and JomSocial

XTDir for SobiPro
Built based on your feedback and our experience developing SobiPro extensions.
XTDir for EasySocial
It's a single component, with a set of modules and plugins, to add the most frequently requested EasySocial and SobiPro features.
XTDir for JomSocial
XTDir Business Pages is a new solution to manage and extend JomSocial and Sigsiu's SobiPro as never before.

Other utilities

Plugin to integrate Font Awesome as a system plugin for Joomla.
JomSocial Spanish Translation
It provides a convenient way to implement watermarking in the social network.
XT-K2 Link Item
It allows to define relations between specific K2 item(s).

What Our Customers Said

Great extension and very versatile!

This extension does what it promises, and more! ... There were a few questions I had when I first started using it, but the support from the developer has been outstanding!

mbressman - Source: Joomla! Extensions Directory - AutoTweet NG

Very usefull and time saving extension!

We purchased pro version as we are running site with over 4000 recipes based on K2 component... And that is not all. The setup is very easy and guidelines are helpful... support is very, very good! Thanks guys.

drNele - Source: Joomla! Extensions Directory - AutoTweet NG

Social Autoposting in a box with excellent support!

I was searching for an extension like this for some time... now i found the perfect one! Easy to use, many online tutorials and howto's, even great explenation in the component itself! And then when something went wrong... i needed support! Filed an issue, and issue was fixed before i knew it! Try and be amased!

IvanH - Source: Joomla! Extensions Directory - AutoTweet Joocial

Thery are professionals!!!

It´s an essential and powerfull component for Sobipro and works perfectly well...I asked for something which was not currently shown in their extensions and they design it for me!!! Thanks Extly

dell810 - Source: Joomla! Extensions Directory - XTDir for SobiPro

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