jomsocial logo 256Prieco S.A., as a JomPartner, provides consulting services aim to deliver social network, based on JomSocial, and SaaS products for our customers. We have developed social networks in several business areas and are able to provide consultation in any solution. Today, our customers operate social networks in Standard Compliance, Accounting, Entertainment, and Technology communities.  In our social solutions, we reuse development building blocks. These blocks represent our experience in every field to build a full network.These are our most implemented building blocks: Directory, E-Commerce, and Multi-Language.

stackideas logo2StackIdeas creates powerful and easy-to-use Joomla components like blog extension EasyBlog, forum extension EasyDiscuss and comment extension Komento. All of their extensions supports integration with AutoTweetNG PRO.


JomWALL is a Joomla-based component for building social networks and community websites, a simple software with powerful collaboration tools and Facebook-like features. Integration available for AutoTweetNG PRO.

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