Extly.com is our new entrepreneurship to exclusively commercialize, develop, and support software extensions.

Prieco S.A.One year ago, we've begin publishing extensions, under our mother company brand Prieco S.A. At a constant pace, we've been witnessing an amazing growth, beyond our wildest expectations.

As our main focus is software development & support, we are upgrading our processes and reviewing the current operation. Now, we are launching:

  • New ticketing system
  • New payment system, more options and flexibility beyond Paypal support
  • Current SobiPro & JomSocial products overhaul (New SobiPro Search Pack component!)
  • New social products

In the move, we are also joining forces with 1st-movers.com, to add AutoTweet to our family of products, under the same operational umbrella.

About 1st-movers.com

logo-1st-1641st-movers.com started as a fun project to test the capabilities of Joomla. Over time it evolved to a community dedicated to the support of our Joomla extensions, and many interesting features for information exchange and networking. The main product line is the AutoTweet NG series, and since today the house has nicely moved into Extly.com to growth with a new and renewed infraestructure.

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