Facebook API 24 UpdateFor us, there's nothing quite like having a perfect Summer vacation with friends and family. On Facebook world, Summer also means the best time to release a new API!

On July 8, 2015, Facebook released API Version 2.4.

It comes with API several tweaks. Most notably in our our area of interest:

  • Operations that reference the admin_creator object of a Post in now requires a Page access token.
  • The maximum limit for Page related objects is now set to limit=100
  • Declarative Fields, to try to improve performance on mobile networks
  • user_groups permission has been deprecated. We may continue to use the user_managed_groups permission (only managed groups can be accessed).

As usual, we have released maintenance releases to keep compatibility with the new Facebook API v2.4. This new API only applies to new Facebook Apps. Please, remember to update to the the latest version:

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