Joocial Composer AppComposer App is a brand new mobile App for Joomla! social management. This plugin integrates AutoTweetNG PRO and Joocial for Joomla! CMS with Composer App (Android or iOS).

Our social mobile app is the next stage of channel management for Joomla!. It is ready to provide new advanced features for communities, powered by mobile added-value services. From Joomla! extensions, content items can be directly published via mobile sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp (or any other application ).

$ 76
Joocial + Composer App - 6-month Subscription
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$ 136
Joocial + Composer App - 1 year
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Requirements - GNU GPL v3.0 License - Pre-Sales FAQ - Installation Services
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We are glad to introduce the Joocial Composer App

Mobile Apps for Joomla! are coming. Breaking new grounds, Joocial Composer App is a mobile app to manage your social content from your Joomla! CMS site.

Joocial Composer App for Joomla CMS - Android

Joocial Composer App for Joomla CMS - iOS

In a nutshell, Joocial Composer App has the core features needed to create and publish posts from Joomla!

  • Control Panel and Stats: A control panel, to show general operation stats.
  • Composer Editor: An advanced form to enter or edit social posts, with custom control types.
  • Requests management: A list of requests, for navigating and managing Waiting posts.
  • Posts management: A list of posts, for navigating and managing the processing of social posts.
  • Mobile Sharing for Joomla!: This is a native sharing window for mobile devices. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more .

From a technical point of view, it is powered by JoomGap. JoomGap is a solution to integrate hybrid mobile apps and Joomla! on OAuth secured communication. Management permissions are granted via token access, generated with an OAuth authentication. The username and password are NOT stored in the mobile app. This plug-in is required to open a secure communication channel with AutoTweetNG PRO or Joocial.

AutoTweet - Joocial mobile app for Joomla is here!

Control Panel

What Your Membership Includes?

All of our memberships for Joomla! CMS include: Major and minor versions of the extensions (New features, Bug fixes and Enhancements) and support services for our customers. For more details, click here.

Particularly, a mobile application like Joocial Composer App is a binary file distributed from App stores, created and compiled for Android or iOS. To provide these powerful new features and support, we publish the mobile application for free and created this new membership to integrate the mobile application. To enable it, you must install and configure Composer App integration for Joocial plugin. For more details, click here.

Can we buy the Composer mobile application source code?

Yes. If you plan to create your own mobile application, then we have a membership for mobile app development that includes Joocial Composer App source code. The application is based on PhoneGap/Ionic Framework and powered by our Joomla integration SDK, JoomGap. For more details, click here

AutoTweet and Joocial versions

  • Pro
    For commercial usage
  • $ 39
  • Backend Auto-Posting

  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • 2 RSS Feeds
    Joomla Articles
  • Unlimited Support
    6-month subscription
  •,, & Yourls
  • Cronjob Scheduler
  • Buy Now!
    6 months subscription
  • Joocial
    For full social management
  • $ 66
  • Scheduling - Agenda - Evergreens
    Virtual Manager - Community
  • Web Push,, Telegram, Tumblr, JomSocial and EasySocial
  • Unlimited RSS Feeds
    Joomla Articles and K2
  • Unlimited Support
    6-month subscription
  •,, & Yourls
  • Cronjob + Scheduling
  • Buy Now!
    6 months subscription
  • Joocial + App
    Full social management + mobility
  • $ 76
  • +Composer App
    Mobile App for Joomla!
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, +
  • Unlimited RSS Feeds
    Joomla Articles and K2
  • Unlimited Support
    6-month subscription
  •,, & Yourls
  • Cronjob + Scheduling
  • Buy Now!
    6 months subscription

Social Media Specialists - Check out Installation Services

(*) New Plugin Best-Effort Support: We love to integrate new extensions as the way to improve our social hub beyond its limits. If we don't have a plug-in, we add it in product roadmap to release ASAP (in practice 1-2 weeks). Our track record in the change log.

AutoTweet and Joocial extensive list of features

  • Control Panel
    • Social Meter - Status Charts and Timeline
  • Install from Web and Live Updates
  • Social Composer
  • Joocial Composer App
    • Control Panel and Stats
    • Composer Editor
    • Requests management
    • Posts management
    • Multi-Site management
    • Facebook OpenGraph Tags support
    • Mobile Sharing for Joomla! (only Joocial + Composer App)
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • WhatsApp
      • More channels
  • Paywall Mode (only Joocial)
  • Requests
    • General Management
    • Image Preview
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Publish
    • Calendar View (only AutoTweetNG Pro and Joocial)
  • Evergreens (only Joocial)
    • General Management
  • Rules
    • General Management
    • Override Settings
    • Rule Message Control
    • Add Static Text
    • Text Replacement
  • Posts
    • General Management
    • Image Preview and Validation
    • Short URL / Original URL Edition
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Approval
    • Manual Publish
    • State Change
  • System Check
    • Component
    • Modules
    • Plugins Management
  • Post Management (only Joocial)
    • Social Publish Toobar
    • Social Publish Button
    • Post This control
    • Evergreen Post
    • Posting Date Agenda
    • Repeats
    • Image Chooser
  • Virtual Manager (only Joocial)
    • Working hours
    • Evergreen Strategy
    • Advanced Options
  • Channels
    • General Management
    • Facebook Profile, Page, Photo and Group
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners
    • Web Push - OneSignal (only Joocial)
    • Web Push - PushAlert (only Joocial)
    • Web Push - Pushwoosh (only Joocial). Support for images .
    • Push Notifications - OneSignal (only Joocial)
    • Push Notifications - PushAlert (only Joocial)
    • Push Notifications - Pushwoosh (only Joocial)
    • Blogger (only Joocial)
    • (only Joocial)
    • Telegram (only Joocial)
    • Tumblr (only Joocial)
    • Xing for partners (only Joocial)
    • JomSocial (only Joocial)
    • EasySocial (only Joocial)
    • VK Profile or Community channels (Groups, Pages, etc) - Beta
    • Facebook Auto Tweet App - Canvas App
  • Extensions Plug-ins
  • Feeds
    • General Management
    • Feed Details
    • Publishing
    • Content Creation
    • Image Grabber
    • Filters
    • Content Grabber
    • Auto Tweet Generator
  • Rule Engine
    • Rule Types: Access, Author, Catch all, Category, Featured, Language, Media, Regular expression, Scope, Groups, Term and Word.
    • Modes: Normal or Deny All
  • Community Auto-Posting - Front-End User Channels (only Joocial)
    • Authorized channels
    • Pending channels
    • User quota
  • Jootool - Front-End Management (only Joocial)
    • Request Management
    • Post Management
    • Channel Management
    • Access Control Lists support (ACL)

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