# Features

This is the full list of XT Adaptive Images (opens new window) features.


XT Adaptive Images is published in two versions: XT Adaptive Images Free supports all features from adaptive-images.com (opens new window) and a CDN configuration, whereas XT Adaptive Images PRO supports HTML’s new responsive images capabilities, Lazy Load, multiple CDNs, HTTPS urls handling and cache path configuration.

  • Integration with XT Massive Image Optimizer (opens new window): XT MIO is a complete image optimizer solution that will increase your website's performance and storage by reducing the file size and improving the characteristics of large batches of images.

# Parameters

# Adaptive Images

  • Resolutions: The resolution break-points to use (screen widths, in pixels). By default: 1382,992,768,480.
  • PRO Generate srcset: Save bandwidth and speed up your site by sending the correctly-sized images to the device with HTML’s new responsive images capabilities. This option generates all image sizes, regardless of the device width.
    • Generate srcset sizes: The associated sizes field for images.
  • File Types: Options to choose gif, jpg / jpeg, png, avif or svg integration.
  • Ignore Files: A comma-separated list of (part of) path/file names to ignore.
  • Enable in Inline Scripts: Enable to convert the media file URLs found in inline javascript.
  • JPG Quality: The quality of any generated JPGs on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • Sharpen: Shrinking images can blur details, perform a sharpen on re-scaled images?
  • Detect Retina displays: You can choose to serve high DPI images to those displays.
  • PROCache Path: Path to the directory where resized images will be stored. By default, media/xt-adaptive-images.
  • Serve WebP images: The plugin generates the new responsive images using webp format.

# CDN Configuration

  • Site Root: The root of your website that you have connected to your CDN server.
  • CDN Domain: The domain of your CDN Server.
  • PRO Handle HTTPS urls: Select to also handle https urls (secure urls)
  • PROExtra CDN Sets
  • Options to configure up to 5 extra CDN Sets, available features for each CDN: Site Root, CDN Domain, Handle HTTPS urls, File Types (gif, jpg / jpeg, or png), Ignore Files, and Enable in Inline Scripts.

# Lazy Load Images - PRO

  • Enable Lazy Load Images: Lazy Load is delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scrolls to them.
  • Image class: Class to detect images to be lazy loaded. By default, xt-lazy-img. You can define more than one, for example: img-polaroid,xt-lazy-img.
  • Lazy Load Library:
    • jQuery Lazy Load
    • Vanilla Lazy Load
  • Skip images: Skip the first N images of lazy loading.
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