We are packing to attend to JoomlaDay UK -2016. Before we leave the office, we have a couple of news to share :-D

We are more than happy to inform you guys that we are having 15% off on all of our major extensions. You can use the coupon code JDLDN16.

 JD16UK Google is back and it comes with friends

From Joomla to Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more

Joocial now integrates the Composer App. Beyond content auto-posting, our social mobile app is the next stage of channel management for Joomla!. Ready to provide new advanced features for communities, powered by mobile added-value services. From Joomla! extensions, content items can be directly published via mobile sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp (or any other application ).

Evergreen Posts Reloaded

Evergreens features have been growing very fast and we have received multiple request to expand them. The upcoming version presents Evergreens as a first class citizens in our social hub.

  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens in Requests
  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens in Rules - Is Evergreen
  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens in Posts
  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens - Batch Management

Enter EasyBlog Composer

EasyBlog 5 has a new composing experience, an unique and powerful composer that gives more freedom to write, add photos and videos, share links and more. In the upcoming Joocial 8.4, we have integrated our Social Publish Manager to empower EasyBlog Composer. In this way, EasyBlog users can take full advantage of our social media solution.

Finally, we have just released new beta version of our major extensions.

To the moon!

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