Top 100 Joomla Extensions by Savvy PandaIn this new 2014 edition of the famous Top 100 Joomla Extension Awards 2014, compiled by Savvy Panda, AutoTweetNG's made it again, and it's jumped from 79 to 68 position.

Recallling the 2013 edition, AutoTweetNG ascended from 93 to 79. And, now from 79 to 68!

We are committed to providing you with the best social media solutions. Thank you very much for your feedback.

And, we can't thank you enough for your support!

joocial-full-social-content-management-in-joomlaJoocial 7 is now feature complete! We are publishing nightly development build release candidates. It's available for download to all Extly Club members.

What is Joocial?

Joocial is our brand new AutoTweetNG version. Beyond the original AutoTweetNG scope, Joocial is here to provide full social content management for Joomla.

Joocial includes:

  • All backend AutoTweetNG auto-posting features
  • Publishing features to empower social media management for general users in Joomla.
  • Social Publishing Management: New tools to create, edit, schedule, and repeat posts.
  • Virtual Social Media Manager: High-level virtual assistant to manage when Posts are published, and evergreen posts support (re-publishing).
  • Jootool - Front-end Social Management Team: Front-end team tool to configure channels, browse, manage content requests and posts.

Please, check the new tutorial or let us know if you any feedback. We are counting the days for the final release.



In the last month, we've been quietly developing the baseline for 2014.

Now, we are ready with a new set of releases to look ahead and define the line of work for this year:

  • Front-end / Back-end Operations
  • Mobile-first Strategy

To fill the first step, we have released:

  • AutoTweetNG v7, with a full set of renewed plugins
  • XTDir family v5.1, with updated libraries and a brand new Javascript Optimizer Engine

Be ready, in the next week we are releasing the first version of Joocial. As AutoTweetNG fills a role for auto-posting, Joocial will provide a brand new set of social management team tools for Joomla.

This year is special to celebrate. A year ago we created, our entrepreneurship to exclusively commercialize, develop and support software extensions. In this time, we have ramped up our team to provide high quality extensions, renew all products, update to Joomla 2.5/3, and improve our support services.

Happy New Year 2014 - New Year Resolutions

AutoTweetNG Social Publishing ButtonAnd,There's A Lot More Coming!

  • NEW Social Publish Button
  • Joocial Social Management
  • XTDir v5.1 - SobiPro Templating
  • Mobile-First Design

Thank you for your constant feedback and support!

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It's that time of the year again; time to give thanks for everything Joomla has done for us! Buy now! » Promo Code BLFRI2013 - Offer valid Nov 26th - Dec 3rd 2013

Thank you for your constant feedback and support!

Latest updates
  • AutotweetNG v6.8.0 - Now, support for #Google+ Moments channels »
  • XTDir for #EasySocial v5.0.6 - Business Pages - All required extensions to build a Business Pages Directory »
  • AutoTweeNG v6.8.0 - RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles & Posts »
Latest tutorials
  • AutoTweetNG v6.8.0: publishing to Google+ Profiles and Pages »
  • XTDir v5.0.6 - How to extend your directory »
  • XTDir v5.0.6 - Adding pages to JomSocial community network »

party-of-new-plugins-for-autotweetngThis time we are releasing a whole set of new plugins for AutoTweetNG. All of them share a common point, they have been requested by customers, and this is the answer! Thank you for your constant feedback!

  • DT Register, from DTH Development, event registration and event booking for Joomla. Every new registration can be posted to your site social networks.
  • EasySocial, from StackIdeas, the revolutionary social network extension for Joomla. With AutoTweetNG, wall posts and profile updates can be distributed as new Posts to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn,Twitter, and VK with a single distribution hub.
  • HikaShop, it's is an e-commerce solution for Joomla! Built for simplicity and flexibility. With AutoTweetNG, every new product or updates can be promoted to your social networks channels.
  • MijoShop, it's a powerful shopping cart component that is designed feature rich and user friendly. With AutoTweetNG, every new product or updates can be promoted to your social networks channels.

Updates in Kunena, and SobiPro plugins.

AutoTweetNG Joocial-publishing to Gplus Profiles and PagesAutoTweetNG allows automatic social publishing from Joomla to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

The Google+ API currently provides READ-ONLY access to public data.

Every week, we've been receiving your questions about G+ channel availability.The answer remains the same, there's no estimated date for a write-enabled official Google+ API.

However... we've been scratching our heads to improve the social media manager workflow.

And, we found it! A semi-automatic way to share your content!

Originally, Google App Activities (Moments) have been designed to track user activity in an App.

But it can be also repurposed to easy our lives, reduce work, and increase content distribution!

Please, check this presentation about how it works, download AutoTweetNG v6.8 Joocial Beta, test it, and let us know if it helps you or how we can improve it.

Reference cases


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