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We can talk many hours about the amazing features being included in Joomla! 3.5... Forget it! It is all about Emojis.

Emojis are the main feature that we love in Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and every possible social network. Now, with the upcoming release Joomla 3.5, the full range of expressions are available for social publishing from Joomla! sites.

We have AutoTweet, Joocial and the Composer App 8.5.1 ready and this very post is being published with Joomla 3.5 RC4. Today, Joomla! 3.5 has been postponed to Monday, 21st March to complete the testing phase. We have also postponed the release to match the same schedule. Be ready!

J35 all about emojis

In you want to play with Joomla 3.5 RC 4 and Emojis, please, contact our support team to send you the latest build.

To the moon!

UPDATE 2016-03-21: Confirmed. Joomla 3.5. is going to be released on March 21st evening. We may have to delay AutoTweet, Joocial and the Composer App 8.5.1 to March 22nd.


March is going to be huge. PHP 7 is coming with amazing performance records and Joomla! 3.5 Beta 3 has just been released. This Joomla version has a lot of new features, improvements, bug fixes and supports PHP 7. It is going to be revolutionary.

In the same line, we are releasing beta versions of our major extensions to fully support and take advantage of Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 improvements:

  • AutoTweetNG Free 8.4.1
  • AutoTweetNG Pro 8.4.1
  • Joocial 8.4.1
  • XTDir for SobiPro 6.0.5
  • XTDir for JomSocial 6.0.5

These are BETA releases, that should only be used on test sites. 

Ready for Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7

When is Joomla 3.5 stable release due?

  • March 2nd, 2016 - 3.5 Release Candidate
  • March 9th, 2016 - 3.5 Stable Release

Please note that dates may be subject to change depending on availability of volunteers and circumstances.

We are packing to attend to JoomlaDay UK -2016. Before we leave the office, we have a couple of news to share :-D

We are more than happy to inform you guys that we are having 15% off on all of our major extensions. You can use the coupon code JDLDN16.

 JD16UK Google is back and it comes with friends

From Joomla to Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more

Joocial now integrates the Composer App. Beyond content auto-posting, our social mobile app is the next stage of channel management for Joomla!. Ready to provide new advanced features for communities, powered by mobile added-value services. From Joomla! extensions, content items can be directly published via mobile sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp (or any other application ).

Evergreen Posts Reloaded

Evergreens features have been growing very fast and we have received multiple request to expand them. The upcoming version presents Evergreens as a first class citizens in our social hub.

  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens in Requests
  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens in Rules - Is Evergreen
  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens in Posts
  • NEW: Joocial - Evergreens - Batch Management

Enter EasyBlog Composer

EasyBlog 5 has a new composing experience, an unique and powerful composer that gives more freedom to write, add photos and videos, share links and more. In the upcoming Joocial 8.4, we have integrated our Social Publish Manager to empower EasyBlog Composer. In this way, EasyBlog users can take full advantage of our social media solution.

Finally, we have just released new beta version of our major extensions.

To the moon!

We are pushing the limits. We have recently released AutoTweet, Joocial and Composer App v8.3 to complete the most powerful social content management solution, completing a vision from auto-publishing to mobile content sharing supporting Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp (or any other application ).

Now, we are working for the upcoming v8.4 and we have exciting news.

Enter EasyBlog Composer

a full circle from easyblog composer to joocial composer app

EasyBlog 5 has a new composing experience, an unique and powerful composer that gives more freedom to write, add photos and videos, share links and more. In the upcoming Joocial 8.4, we have integrated our Social Publish Manager to empower EasyBlog Composer. In this way, EasyBlog users can take full advantage of our social media solution.

To the moon!

We have been working hard on Joocial and JoomGap to cope with the opportunity and challenge of mobility. In social media management, there is a gap between content creation and social sharing that have to be covered to take advantage of its full potential.

Right now, we are releasing our second take on Joocial Composer App 8.3, and it comes with a new powerful feature: mobile content sharing.

Until now, Joocial and AutoTweetNG have integrated Joomla! CMS with social networks to publish content directly from the site. In this new development, Joocial Composer App is integrated with our extensions to manage posts and share them from the mobile device. This feature provides a whole new dimension to social management for Joomla!. In this new scenario, new business cases are supported. Firstly, a social manager can supervise and manage all posts from Joomla! (a frequent requirement from users whom prefer manual publishing instead of content auto-publishing). Secondly, content can be shared or re-shared at any time or from anywhere when an opportunity appears (e.g. a community event). Finally, all social networks are integrated via their own mobile applications, likewise:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • WhatsApp
  • Any social network with a mobile app

In this road, we expect great many things. For instance: we are creating our Instagram and Pinterest channels to feed them right from our site with Joocial Composer App.

To the moon!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Extly.  Wishing you happiness and success in 2016!

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2016!

Extly in 2015: A Fantastic Year

In this year, we have achieved an overhaul to our extensions and released major versions of AutoTweetNG and Joocial 8 (including 60+ integration plugins) and XTDir 6 for SobiPro 1.2, JomSocial 4.1 and EasySocial 1.4. On top of this, we have released JoomGap framework to empower Joomla-enabled mobile apps and presented it in Joomla World Conference, Bangalore.

Based on JoomGap framework, we have been able to create our first mobile application for Joomla! and social networking, Joocial Composer App.

Additionally, we have revamped Extly's documentation site and support site, launched JoomGap main site and documentation site.

Now we are ready to keep on building. Looking forward to an exciting 2016!

XTDir 6 is the next major version of the greatest extension for SobiPro. In this release, we are featuring an extensive review for Bootstrap 3 and SobiPro 1.2. At this time, we are releasing XTDir 6 for SobiPro 1.2 Beta 1 and you can check it live in our demo site: http://demo.extly.com

  • Bootstrap 3: Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It has been adopted by many Joomla theme developers and it brings many improvements over the standard Bootstrap 2.3.2. Read More.
  • SobiPro 1.2: In this new SobiPro version Sigsiu's team concentrated their efforts to refine the front-end output of SobiPro.  To adapt the SobiPro layout to the used Joomla! template, SobiPro 1.2 has the ability to switch off loading its Bootstrap and Icon fonts and use the ones from the template instead. It also brings new icon fonts, which can be loaded. To adapt completely to Bootstrap 3 output, SobiPro now has the possibility to switch its generated HTML output to Bootstrap 3 format. Read more.

xtdir 6 for boostrap 3

Beyond these outstanding features, we have taken the time to rewrite many features for speed and created a final package ready for mobile devices.

The future looks bright and the times ahead are exciting. This is our new platform for mobile content management. We have already started rolling out and we intend to amaze you with every new release.

Please, check the final list of features packaged in this beta release. Do not upgrade any of your production sites to the beta version as beta is ONLY intended for testing and there is no upgrade path from Beta.

Version 6.0 Beta 1 - 2 December 2015

  • NEW: XTDir Categories of SobiPro - Bootstrap 3 layouts (Accordion and Media Grid)
  • NEW: XTDir Entries Accordion - Bootstrap 3 layout
  • NEW: XTDir Faceted Search for SobiPro - Bootstrap 3 layout
  • NEW: XTDir Grid of Entries - Bootstrap 3 layout
  • NEW: XTDir My Entries - Bootstrap 3 layout
  • Feature: Compatibility review for Bootstrap 3
  • Feature: Compatibility review for SobiPro 1.2
  • Feature: Compatibility review for EasySocial 1.4
  • Feature: Compatibility review for JomSocial 4.1
  • Feature: General Javascript Optimization
  • Update: FoF Library - 2015-10-17
  • Enhancement: SP 1.1 PromoInfo field not editable by default (Contact field)
  • Enhancement: Margin sign label
  • Enhancement: Live update streams
  • Deprecated: SobiPro 1.0 - End of Support
  • Deprecated: Joomla 2.5 - End of Support
  • Optimizations and code styling

To the moon!


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